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tv   Your World With Neil Cavuto  FOX News  May 4, 2016 1:00pm-2:01pm PDT

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is happening in the political world. it's a very good day to soak in his skills. because there's a lot happening. it's going to be quite a ride. neil leads you through the rest of the hour. thank you for trusting us for your news and information. i'll see you later. hey, shepard, i told you two worlds could be colliding today, what's happening in wall street and what is happening in the political arena? why the latest trend is not hillary clinton's friend and why jane sanders is saying she won't be the democratic nominee. bernie sanders' wife is joining us. and mark cuban will be here and thinks donald trump could go all the way, and maybe in a landslide. we'll be hearing from both soon. we are now an hour away from hearing from john kasich which
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we are told is going to quit the presidential race. but does that mean he's out of the vp stakes? when i raised that issue with him a few weeks ago -- well, you be the judge. >> there is zero chance -- there is a better chance of you going on my ticket because i'm not going to offer it to you. i just don't think you're a big power-hitter. >> that's fine. >> just kidding. >> as of a few months ago -- >> you are just not interested. no way. >> no. >> all right. john kasich making it clear -- no. we do know dr. ben carson is heading up the vp search for mr. trump. such a decision was made before the cleveland convention. we'll see how that goes. meanwhile, peter doocy on what
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prompted all this so soon so fast. peter? >> reporter: neil, we are here in columbus where kasich staffers are for the last time putting up a "kasich for president" sign. today is a place we did not expect to be in columbus listening to kasich drop out. because at 7:00 last night, a senior strategist from the kasich campaign blasted out an e-mail to supporters saying trump's victory in indiana wasn't going to affect their plans. doubling down on that a few minutes later, the campaign manager tweeted they were on to california and that kasich wasn't going to quit until somebody got to the clench number, 1,237 delegates. then after that a fund-raising request asking people for money and asking kasich to poll against hillary clinton. another reason this is a surprising announcement is because kasich had an event scheduled this morning in the 10:00 hour that he sent a staffer to. a ton of press showed up but he
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didn't. he stayed in ohio the entire time. the timing is also interesting that he would drop out after losing in indiana. because he was recently competing in indiana with part of the deal with cruz. he wasn't playing in indiana. he lost. now he's dropping out. very surprising, although we are told not to -- we do not think he'll endorse trump, but this does clear the deck for donald trump. i just spoke on the phone to an rnc official back in washington that said, now that trump is the last man standing, it does make it easier for the party to prepare for the general election and not worry about so much about a contested convention. >> peter, thank you. the last time i had an opportunity to talk to donald trump, we did raise the issue of the vp search. he had some interesting ideas. if you were to be the nominee, i know it's early, you remind me
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of, that but do you look at certain types, governor, senator, but do you also look at the outside the box personna as out of the box? >> i'm not discussing it with you because number one, i want to win. after i win i can think about this. while i'm very political, i'm not a politician. i wouldn't want to choose a politician. >> the former presidential candidate and multiple-term governor of arkansas, mike huckabee. governor, what do you think? >> well, i'm pretty sure john kasich is not going to pick you. that much we have established. >> i was hurt and offended by that. >> you should have been. i just wanted you to -- just remember, i never spoke of you with such disrespect. never. >> nor did you ever remotely consider me for a running mate. >> well, that's true.
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that's true. >> but what do you make of this? obviously, there's a rich group of candidates that ran against us, trump included. we did tell out of conversation that he likes governors. that was his experience. hey, i'm speaking to a former governor right now. >> one thing i can absolutely guarantee you, this is a little tip you can take to the bank. people who are actually being considered will never talk about it. and the people who are talking about are being considered. i was watching this earlier and there were several pundits talking about this person and that person and speculation, anything more than that is -- it
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is just that. >> well, i do want to ask, exploratory committees as that go in the process, you're right, we are a ways from there. we don't know where this will go but ben carson is leading up the effort. how do you know he won't pull an a /* dick cheney? >> well, i've looked around and it's me. but if ben carson picked himself it would be a good pick. he's a good guy. how can you not like ben carson? i love the guy. i love his wife kandi, they are a delightful people. >> they at least need a quasi position. a ceo and someone with business
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credentials, which are mighty, he doesn't have that. >> ilythe there are two reasons why this is good for trump. he's not giving me the advice but you're asking me. number one, it makes sense to have the pragmatic benefit of someone who has governed, associated through a lelgtive p plelgtivelegislate legislative process. it could relieve some in the political ranks. if someone has a record and they have signed up, those are two very valid reasons that he most likely would do in picking a running mate. >> we'll watch closely. the thank you, neil, for having
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me. there are some market analysts that will be very weary when you rely on their system because they are worse than news anchors. they are slowing because donald trump positions himself as the business guy who can fix it. bernie sanders, the guy who gets it. his wife jane is on next. you're driving through the woods when a majestic beast runs into view. then you run into a tree. but your totaled new car isn't totally replaced. with new car replacement, we'll replace the full value of your car plus depreciation.
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wherever i go there are signs that say, jane for first
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lady, not bernie for president. >> does that sound like a guy dropping out of a race? it doesn't sound like jane sanders is even hearing the thought. jane, thank you for coming back and for coming. >> good to be here, neil. >> you have seen and heard all the pressure. your husband wins indiana and comes away essentially splitting the delegates. what do you think? >> it's par for the course. so, i mean, the superdelegates, many of them have already committed to secretary clinton. we expected that but he won and he won big as he said. >> it's like a kick in the hiney to split the delegates. this is similar to what happened in new hampshire. they had to split the delegates there because of the superdelegates. >> in vermont he got 86% of the vote so that says gets 100% of the delegates anyway. a couple of the superdelegates
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are with her. but it's par for the course, neil. those are the rules. they don't make a lot of sense but we use them going in, knew them going in and that is the way it is in party politics. >> you're traveling today to kentucky where the primary is in a couple weeks. that's a closed state where independents can't vote. that bothers you and your husband, a place that you would large largely galvenize. >> it doesn't so much bother us, but yes, he would do better in the vote. it seems counter productive to either party. you would think that the parties want to grow. the democratic party shuts the door on them and says, thanks, no thanks. we want you in the general but we can't play a role in choosing the primary candidate.
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so it seems kind of silly, counter productive if they want to grow the party, and the number of independents is the largest growing contingent. >> everyone knew the rules, you just said as much, and that now your husband is trying to have it both ways. but i want you to specifically react to her words. >> bernie sanders is wrong. we have had these rules in place since 1984. and we have had two types of delegates. we have the delegates that are pledged, that are elected by voters and represent voters based on the outcome. and then party leaders and other elected officials in the trenches for a long time. they have a role appropriately in choosing our party's nominee.
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there is ironny in criticizing a process that now he wants to use to become the party's nominee. >> what did you think of that? >> well, i think that, as i said, it just seems kind of silly. we are saying we want you're talking mostly about the superdelegates. what i don't understand is how it makes sense that in the beginning of the process, in april of 2015, not this year, secretary of clinton had 440 superdelegates already committed to her. that was before bernie even decided to get into the race. that's kind of silly. when they set up the superdelegates in the first place in '84, they weren't allowed to weigh in until april of the year of the election. if that had happened, maybe things would be different. what i don't understand is
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how -- and i think it is very favorable to any accomplishment candidate as we go forward. we know the rules and are accepting the rules. going forward, that was one of the things that everybody kept on saying when they were considering running for the democratic nomination. everybody said, she already has it locked up. she's got 440 superdelegates already. that's 25% of what is needed to win the nomination. you said and your husband said you can always win them over if they are not attached to the candidate. and he hopes to do that. i was looking at the map and am pretty good with numbers, because i'm a nerd here, you know, your husband would have to get well over 60% of the vote in all the remaining contests have u.s. to pull even or close. bear me out, among committed
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delegates that clinton already has, they know their path to victory is a narrow one. >> two points, we do say it's a very narrow path to victory. but the fact is that he doesn't have to get 60% in every case. he has to get an average of about 50%. well, california has almost 500 delegates. if he does better there, then he can do worse somewhere else. so it is possible. why is he doing this? because millions of people around the country have supported bernie. and a lot of independents not allowed to vote in the process are enjoying the process.
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what he is running for is a gender that -- it's a political revolution. make people talk about the issues. he's been very successful during this campaign. secretary clinton has moved on the issues closer and closer and closer to bernie. we are going to hold people's feet to the fire and allow every person in every state, there's nine more states to go, have the option to vote for their candidate and vote for the agendas that they want to happen. >> do you worry, though, that she's not some sort of distant observer for this race? her kand at a ticandidate is hi clinton, not bernie sanders. >> i know you want to start a
1:19 pm
fight. >> i would never do that. >> no, no. we know tornado warning -- we know there's a difference in the democratic party. we tend to bring them all under a bernie sanders nomination. >> but she's the leader. >> she is the leader until she gathered what vice chair and left the dmz because she wanted to go vote for bernie and we appreciate that. >> you are talking about the congresswom congresswoman there. hillary clinton says there's only one candidate left who can stop a trump candidacy. has your husband gotten adamant
1:20 pm
about staying in the race if it was damaging him? >> you know what? all the evidence is to the contrary. i guess i would ask her if staying in the race is seriously damaging his credibility. i mean, i think there is no nominee yet. she told barack obama i will stay in the race until there's a nominee. there will not be a nominee until the convention because neither of them will achieve the number of pledged delegates they have to have in order to be the mnominee nominee. he'll stay in until the convention. and neil, you know anything can happen. this year, my gosh, anything has happened. so we'll see what happens. we will run an issue-oriented campaign. he's not digging up dirt, doing a lot of opposition research on
1:21 pm
her. republicans have plenty of that. we don't play that game. that's one of the things that makes bernie a different competition. hopefully she doesn't do it either. >> if your husband was the last person standing, he would presumably be the nominee. is that partly why he stays in the race? >> no, he stays in the race for the reasons i said. i think that it is extremely important that his message that 26% of kids are living in poverty. that's not okay. people are living in poverty working 40 hours a day at federal minimum wage. we need to raise it to $15 an hour. we cannot be turning away all of our young people in terms of education.
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we are in the middle of earnings season right now and we are focusing on issues that are kind of like a barometer. and there's a company with all the cool cars, tesla. the shares are up about 5%. keep in mind, the demand for some of the models is so over-the-top that they are no
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longer taking orders for those of which they already have commitments. republican senator lindsey graham is signaling trump still won't get his vote. could he and others be starting a wave? let's go to steve king. congressman, good to have you. >> good to be here. >> will you back donald trump? >> well, my decision is this. i want to support the nominee that's produced by the rules. he's the perspective nominee and i offer donald trump the next two-and-a-half months to sell to the republicans his case. i want to hear it, my ears are open and i hope to come together in cleveland. but i think donald trump has to do outreach. >> but assuming -- john kasich,
1:27 pm
congressman, as you know is going to quit the race in a half hour. there's nobody opposing him so it's just him. presumptive goes from almost definite. what would it take for you to rally around the inevitable donald trump? >> well, i would like to first hear the general approach and the tone that donald trump would deliver this with. this has been a very acrimonious campaign. you can't erase this overnight. this is a surprise to some of us to see ted cruz step down the way he did. he kept his word and did so, ran a great campaign. now we are looking forward to the future of the company. if donald trump can come to convince us that the supreme court would be grounded in the mirror of those that he said he would nominate them along the same lines as justice scalia. that sounds good but i'm not sure he knows what that means.
1:28 pm
i would like to see that. i would like to see him reach out on the social issues and know that donald trump is speaking to the breadth of the republican party. i haven't seen enough of that and it's important. we have mitt romney that left 5 to 8 million votes out in the field that might have made him president. i think there are more of them out there for donald trump if he can be convincing. >> we'll watch closely. congressman, thank you for taking the time. >> glad to do it. thank you, neil. all right. mark cuban, probably one of the savviest business and entertainment moguls in the world. he's had his run-in with donald trump. do you think he's going to back donald trump? next.
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all right. you're looking at our home for fox entertainment number that is beat the street. we'll have more after this.
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wait a minute, did the shark just jump the tank? mark cuban talking politics with me on fbn? take a look. >> i think it's great. i mean, i was -- anybody but cruz guy, i like donald, but it shows how tribal the united states has become. i don't think we are partisan anymore. we are tribal. and donald has that whole what about me tribe running behind him, and he's excited them to
1:33 pm
come out and vote for him. and it's going to make for an interesting election. >> everyone seems to be saying, at least on the left, mark, that he's going to be dead meat. that he's going to get annihilated. even republicans are saying they fear not only will he go down to a blazing defeat, the senate will go down as well. what do you say? >> no, not at all. i think he's got a shot. i'm not here to handicap it to say it's a sure thing by a long shot, but what has happened is, for a while people got turned on to the tea party and they were asking, okay, what about me? what can you do for me? and the tea party stood up, there were conservatives that stood up and said, we think we can take care of you. that fell apart. so donald recognized early on it's not about issues at all. a lot of people could care less. all they care about is what are you going to do for me? and donald addressed immigration, trade, all these things. no substance whatsoever.
1:34 pm
but he said the people that were concerned about themselves, i can fix it. i can fix it. >> but is that good enough, mark? eventually you have to spell out your plan. >> no! i think you do. this is going to be the side -- donald trump is going to run the seinfeld campaign. it's the campaign about nothing. and i think -- >> and you're okay with that? >> it is what it is. it's not a question of whether or not i'm okay with it. >> would you support him? >> i don't know who i'm going to vote for yet at this point in time. i want to see it play out. there's no reason to make a decision now. there are things i like about -- >> you have been very frank in the beginning, you had your tussles with trump, so when was the last time you talked to him? >> about three weeks ago. >> really? >> yeah. >> what were you talking about? >> yeah, various things. donald is a sports fan. when the mavs have a big win -- actually, it was two weeks ago when the mavs had a big win, he'll call and congratulate me and we talk about things. and i tell him, i don't support a lot of his policies, but i
1:35 pm
like the way he's energized people. and i really think he tapped into the fact that this is not about issues anymore. there are people out there that want to know, what are you going to do for them? they don't trust the government. if the government isn't going to help them get jobs or protect them, then let's turn to somebody who may not give them any detail whatsoever but at least it sounds like he's going to try to answer the what about me question. it's going to be a "seinfeld" campaign about nothing. the more donald talks about the issues, the more he plays into the hands of hillary and the more of his what about me tribe glazes over. they don't pay attention to it. and i think he picked up on that early on and that was brilliant by him. >> you know, you're a maverick, no pun intended with your team, but you have to get deals done, right? you have to keep moving -- i
1:36 pm
can't believe i'm saying these cliches, the ball forward. but the wrap against donald trump, he's a successful businessman but they are going to throw that in his face. you're not that successful. first of all, we don't buy how rich you are. secondly, given your bankruptcy filing, that everything you say is what you say. he's weathered that in the republican primaries and taken out 16 of the most incredible -- >> that's not easy to overcome. >> is that a big deal? >> no. the american dream is not about how many times you fail. you don't even know how many times i have failed, neil. every great entrepreneur has failed. thomas edison talks about 50,000 times he failed that led to the time he succeeded. we accept entrepreneurial failure because it just shows he got back up and is getting it done and being successful. you can argue on the margin how much, but does it really matter? it really doesn't. >> i agree with that.
1:37 pm
it's safe to say the guy is rich. >> yeah. >> we can leave it at that. but are you surprised, as a guy in your own right, that donald trump has tapped a nerve with what democrats have disparaged in flyover country with the common man, the coal miner. >> explain that. >> it was like i was saying earlier, we are in a what about me time. if you look at bernie sanders, what about me are the millenials sticking together. they are very tribal. i keep on going back to that word as well. the millenials didn't care about bernie sanders, they cared about the fact that all the other millenials supported him and were part of the crew and could identify -- it's like supporting a basketball team. the mavericks fans are fans of so-and-so. just like at twitter to see how tribal and how bad it is out there. so what donald realized early on, he looked -- i think he looked at how the republicans treated hillary.
1:38 pm
he's a criminal, she's a liar, whatever you want to call her, that said, i can call anybody anything and not deal with issues as long as i can get people excited. that's exactly what he did. people are saying, i'm tired of government as usual. i'm tired of politicians and business as usual. i trusted them, i voted for them and it makes no difference. they did nothing for me. i'm struggling for a job, i haven't really had wage increases, they are not -- that middle america is not going to look at donald trump and say, wow, what about his policies anymore than i care what type of play the dallas cowboys run or what the play we ran to get dirk a shot. we just want to know, did we win or lose and will we win or lose? so middle america like that is saying, you know what? i would rather trust him because everything that's happened with traditional politics, traditional government, has been a failure when it comes to what
1:39 pm
is in it for me. so let's go with donald. as far as the posing hillary, it will come down to who turns out the vote. if he can continue to say, look, i'm going to continue to make your life better and stop trade. i'm going to build a wall, i'm going to impact immigration, then if he can get people out he's got a real chance. and none of that has to do anything at all with actual issues or supporting information. >> but you always hear he's trying to get the people, but it is hard if you call the guy lyin' ted cruz -- >> it doesn't matter. >> how do you either bring them
1:40 pm
into the fold or calm frayed nerves. >> you just do. donald and i have had battles. some people say donald trump is sexist. he's called my ugly, short off the tee, he's called me all these ridiculous things, right? and that is just how he combats it. and i think what a lot of people fail to realize is, look at every condemnation of hillary date. she's lying, she's a criminal, it's all about name calling. >> so if hillary tries to force him into policy issues, then it won't work, right? >> he'll go another what? >> another way. he's got to have the "seinfeld" campaign to campaign about nothing. >> what about the environment? does it make a difference on the economy? there are a lot of people close
1:41 pm
to us that might say, i'm the guy to deal with a bubble burst or the economy -- >> he's just going to blame obama. whatever it is, it's obama's fault, right? he will not touch -- my guess is he won't touch on the details whatsoev because they have done so well on the right that it is anybody but hillary. cr he was dogmatic -- here's a perfect example in detail. he wanted to change to a value added tax, but more importantly he wanted to eliminate the irs
1:42 pm
day one. that was one of his pillars. that is 90,000 people. that would be the up largest layoff in the history of the world. on the flip side he says because we're cutting taxes, every child will have not one, two, three, four or five job offers. >> do you think it's important that a guy like you pay attention to who a candidate picks as their vp? >> for me, i would tell him to pick a politician. john boehner would be great but i don't know enough of the details and know enough about vp. >> i'm assuming it won't be ted cruz. >> i so you had your choice now
1:43 pm
between hillary clinton and donald trump, mark. where would you go? >> i don't know. that's an honest answer. i really don't know. there are things positive about donald. there are things positive about hillary and the same with the negative side. >> interesting. >> yeah, i think there's a lot of basketball to be played yet. how hillary responds to dona donald -- hillary can really make it difficult on donald to do the "seinfeld" campaign, then i think she's got a better chance. >> a campaign about nothing, think about that. we're getting ready here for john kasich in ohio where he'll address getting out of the race for the top job. but there is the second job, the vp thing. is he open to that? after this.
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all right. moments away, we will look at what is happening in columbus, ohio, where john kasich, the presidential candidate is, we are told, getting ready to get out of the race. but does that mean he's entirely out of this campaign? or could he be future vp material? rebecca, he's very popular in ohio, generally a must-win state. what are his chances? >> well, you know, trump was actually asked earlier today would he consider john kasich as a potential running mate? he said he would consider vetting him, absolutely, which is a shift. he wouldn't touch that question while kasich was in the running, but kasich is considering he will not be a running mate for donald trump at any point. so we'll see if that changes over the course of the next couple of weeks. but at least for now they are trying to puncture any idea of
1:48 pm
john kasich staying in this race, at least in another capacity than he has been. >> they all say that because you don't want to look like an opportunist politician and all that, but obviously when the vetting process begins, i mean, we're told that ben carson will head up the process for donald trump. they hope to begin shortly and have a pick in place before the convention. how doable is that? who is on your short list that you think would be considered? >> well, it's absolutely doable, neil. now donald trump is on a pretty comfortable timeline to choose a running mate in this race. he's got plenty of time before the convention to roll out his potential pick as well as go through the normal vetting process. so the timeline is very favorable to him. but he faces a few key challenges. so can he find someone to sort of round out his ticket in the way that you would normally expect a vice presidential nominee of a running mate, so someone who fills in some of the holes of the nominee. >> like who? who would fill in some of those
1:49 pm
gaps? >> so here are some of the people i have either been hearing or there's a little bit of buzz about. one name, very interesting floated to me by a trump allie is former speaker newt gingrich who, of course, has spoken very highly of donald trump recently in public and has the sort of capitol hill legislative experience that donald trump is going to be looking for. donald trump himself -- >> by the way, i had him on last night on fox business, rebecca, but he was saying he's flattered but it ain't going to happen. i guess they will say that, too, don't they? >> they do. and we know that newt gingrich has run for president so he would like to have a higher office and be in the conversation. certainly, he could have another role in the campaign if not as a running mate. but there are plenty of options. marco rubio is another who the trump people certainly want his name out there. he's another who said he wouldn't consider it. so the big challenge is finding someone who can do it who also has political experience.
1:50 pm
>> rebecca, great catching up. thank you very much. >> thank you, neil. in the middle of this, we have the guy who's got more headaches than his boss. we're talking about shawn spicer at the rnc. after months and months at war. and you're talking to your doctor about your medication... this is humira. this is humira helping to relieve my pain and protect my joints from further damage. this is humira helping me go further. humira works for many adults. it targets and helps to block a specific source of inflammation that contributes to ra symptoms. doctors have been prescribing humira for over 13 years. humira can lower your ability to fight infections, including tuberculosis. serious, sometimes fatal infections and cancers, including lymphoma, have happened, as have blood, liver and nervous system problems, serious allergic reactions, and new or worsening heart failure. before treatment, get tested for tb. tell your doctor if you've been to areas where
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shoshow me more like this.e. show me "previously watched." what's recommended for me. x1 makes it easy to find what you love. call or go online and switch to x1. only with xfinity. all right. john kasich moments away from quitting this presidential race. shawn spicer, the communications director for the republican national committee on the significance of that. what do you think, shawn? >> well, i applaud governor kasich if that's in fact what he's doing. obviously i want to wait until i officially hear this governor kasich has done a phenomenal job as the governor of ohio and run a great race, the sooner we can unite as a party.
1:54 pm
heal some of the battle wounds that occurred from the season and focus on the general, the better. we've got to remember as republicans, conservatives, that while your candidate and the individual that people might have been really passionate about may not is been the one that won the most votes, at the end of the day what we all have to remember is that hillary clinton is our opposition. she is the one that's going to take this country in a vastly different direction. it's not just about the potential four years that she'll be president, it's about the generation or two, frankly that will be shaped by the judges she would appoint and the actions and spending she would propose. >> i'm surprised you're not for hillary clinton, let me just write that down. but just to get your sense of keeping the party together. it's been a nasty campaign. a lot of people have said nasty things back and forth. some bruised egos, still, remember comments that donald trump made about them. how is the reach-out program going? what do you advise mr. trump do?
1:55 pm
how they respond? et cetera. >> well i think last night you saw him start that process. he reached out to talk about the race that senator cruz had run. and the amazing competitors that he had battled with during the, during the primary season. gave them a lot of credit for the race these won and the competition that they waged and started to talk about the communities that he was going to go out and, and look for additional support from come this general election. we as a party i think need to go out there and remind people about the big picture. who hillary clinton is. what the alternatives are. and like you said, i think it's, there's still some raw emotion right now. people still, until last night maybe had an individual that they were really passionate about. we now need to unite and understand that as quick as possible, the sooner we get into the general election, the better. >> how are you going to do that with the likes of lindsey graham, senator -- >> right, right. >> who say i just can't back
1:56 pm
this guy. >> at some point you're not going to get 100%, you want to get 92, 93, 94%. you've got hillary clinton and bernie sanders going at it epically right now. in 2008 hillary clinton and barack obama went at it. lincoln had created a cabinet full of a team of rivals. it's happened before, it will happen again. our party is going to unite. because after eight years that we've seen what happens after eight years, we can't afford four more of clinton. so i think that people, it may be a little raw right now. but it's going to take a little bit of time. and then we need to come together, have an amazing convention in cleveland and remember what's at stake. >> very well put. all right, sean spicer, great seeing you again. >> great to see you. >> sean spicer has played the role of a part-time priest trying to keep everyone together. john case ig and the tone of that announcement, could go a long way to keeping everyone together.
1:57 pm
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just hearing that south carolina governor nikki haley said she will support donald trump, but she doesn't want to run with him. she's taking himself out. what will john kasich do? we'll know in seconds. hello, i'm eric bolling and this is a fox news alert. we're waiting a major announcement from john case nick his home state of ohio. the gop candidate sb to suspend his campaign for the presidency after declaring for months he would stay in the race through the convention. kasich's departure comes less than 24 hours after ted cruz dropped out. giving donald trump a clear path to the nomination. trump is now the uncontested and is presumably the gop nominee. let's butt it that way. hey, kg, donald trump today was talking about taking the next step. starting to vet some vp, potential vp candidates. >> and that's the way someone talks, they're sayingo


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